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10 Things About Profound Learning At Master’s You Probably Didn’t Know

It’s been said that Master’s is one of the best-kept secrets. But did you know that there’s an even bigger one? Now I’m not talking about secrets like Project Paperclip, MI6, or Area 51—no!

The big secret is this: Profound Learning. And in this article we are revealing this secret to you—the ten things about Profound Learning at Master’s you really need to know but probably don’t.

1. Profound Learning is unique to Master’s 

Master’s was founded by Tom Rudmik in 1997 as a research and development school for a new model of education called Profound Learning. This model was designed to close gaps in student learning, leading to academic excellence, and to provide students with skills and capacities for the 21st Century. Twenty years later, this model is growing stronger and going international. 
Profound Learning at Master's College Senior High Hallway

2. Profound Learning is internationally recognized

Over the last several years, we have experienced an increase in visits and partnerships from different parts of the world: Nigeria, Brazil, and Spain to name a few. Time and again our international partners tell us how much our model brings life and vision and joy to the teachers and students who use it.

3. Profound Learning is all about a vision to transform education

We are a school of vision. Since it’s inceptionMaster’s vision has been to create a breakthrough model for transforming education and to share it with the world. We want excellence to be achievable for all of Master’s students and for excellence to be the catalyst and inspiration for educators and children around the world.

4. Profound Learning is the objective of Master’s ongoing Research & Development

Behind the scenes at Master’s is a mystery—it’s called the R&D Department. Successful companies such as RAND, Bell Labs, and HP, know the value of research and development. But where is the research and development in education? Master’s employs a die-hard group of educators, technologists, designers, and creatives working on tools and solutions and new practices to develop Profound Learning both here and abroad. Our work is local, our vision is global. 

5. Profound Learning redefines ‘smart’

Profound Learning redefines what it means to be a smart student. Smart students are ones who can identify what they don’t know and close the learning gap. For this to occur we have created powerful self assessment tools that enable students to identify and close learning gaps in real time. We focus hard work and thought into increasingly better ways to improve student learning. Students at Master’s are constantly assessing and being reassessed for learning gaps. When the gaps are spotted, there are a number of strategies to close them. One of the key results here is greater retention and student satisfaction. Visitors to Master’s marvel when even our youngest students are able to articulate their learning gaps and identify strategies for how to close those gaps.

6. Profound Learning is all about student ownership

Ownership is something we see in demand time and again. In fact, whether here or abroad, people tell us how important this piece is. As we look to the future we see the need for greater levels of ownership, especially in shifting economies and job markets. Creating context for student ownership leads to greater levels of empowerment and performance in the long run.

7. Profound Learning teaches the future

How many people today take history? Well what about taking the future? Master’s has been building models, processes, and scenarios for the future for well over a decade. It is part of our vision for education and a strong part of our research and development. We do this because of the rapid change and complexity of technology—the world is moving faster—and it is important for our students to have the tools and capacities to build models of the future, see the opportunities and threats, and design and create accordingly.

8. Profound Learning is all about the power of innovation

We at Master’s are innovators and inventors. It’s not unusual for us to be working from a blank slate to create something from nothing—in fact, we’re used to it. Our success is not because we simply talk about innovation, but because we actually do it. And it is out of this doing of innovation that we train our faculty to become innovators. A big part of our vision is for students to be seers and creators of the future, and this takes understanding not only the patterns and principles of innovation, but also about the creative process.

9. Profound Learning is about the creative process

Creativity is not something endowed to the chosen few. It is something we are all created with, for it points to our being made in the image of God. We have developed processes, tools, and models for children to learn about and enhance their own creativity. We educate and train our faculty in the creative process so they can design better learning experiences for their students as well as feel more alive and joyful. Creativity may continue to be a mystery, but we are learning more about it, how to grow in it, how to create conditions for it to happen, and how to teach its patterns and principles. This is part of our vision for the broken system of education.

10. Profound Learning is the answer for a broken system of education

The more research we do here at Master’s, the more we see how broken the system of education is. Where’s the joy? Where’s the brilliance? In many cases we hear about teachers burned out, students falling through cracks, and school buildings closing down. We see failed programs like Goals 2000 or No Child Left Behind. Through Profound Learning, we want to enhance the joy and brilliance of each individual—teacher, student, and even parent. We call this Becoming Imaginal’—the ability to see, learn from, and create the future. We have the answer for a broken system, and we’re taking it local and global.  

3 thoughts on “10 Things About Profound Learning At Master’s You Probably Didn’t Know”

  1. We are already seeing great dividends here in Lagos, Nigeria. (Sunnydale School)
    Thank you for your clarity of vision, purposeful research, development, and generous teaching.

    1. Thank you Ade for your inspiring comment. We are delighted that through Profound Learning you are seeing such “great dividends” in Lagos, Nigeria at
      the Sunnydale School. We look forward to our continued partnership.

  2. Is this method of learning just suitable for smart kids? How about kids with a learning disability. do they get benefit out of this program? (ADHD, LPD)

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