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Our focus is on both academic preparation for university as well as on who the student is becoming. Our Imaginal Design program is a one of a kind program that develops the Imaginal abilities of our students to become seers of, learners from, and creators of the future. This alone gives our graduates a tremendous competitive advantage for life beyond school, which is the real objective of education.

Do You Need to Find Your Passion or Is It Developed?

A new study by Stanford researchers Carol Dweck and Gregory Walton, among other scholars, suggests that spending effort developing one’s passion is more effective than looking for one’s true passion.

Culture of Low Threat

“Put your hand up if you don’t understand and need more help,” says the teacher. Who does that? Who actually raises a hand, and in that vulnerable moment lets the whole class see that they don’t get it? Who will take this risk?

Welcome Back – What’s New & Exciting

Welcome back to all our parents, students and faculty, especially, those families who are new to Master’s. We trust that your decision to choose Master’s will be rewarded with an outstanding experience in our school.

August – Time for a Fresh Start

It’s that time of the year again! Just when we are getting accustomed to our world being green, we see