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This Is Why at Master’s We Are the “Crazy Ones”

This Is Why at Master’s We Are the “Crazy Ones”

The Big WHY is more than having a sense of purpose in life. It is about purposefully making a difference in our world; having a cause that is bigger than yourself. Imaginal Leaders are those who have shaped the world we live in. Not only do they possess a deep sense of purpose, they possess a driving vision to create something new like Steve Jobs, to transform their world like Mahatma Gandhi, or to help the needy like Mother Teresa.

Results That Stand Out – Let’s Hire This Kid!

Students now, and in the future, will be facing the demanding challenge of being able to stand out in the crowd. At Master’s, we give our students the best chance to land the careers that will bring personal joy and satisfaction. Let’s help them stand out in the crowd!
How Do Master’s Students Learn from the Future?

How Do Students Learn from the Future?

Virtually all of the curriculum taught in schools represents knowledge that is already known, and it is all about the past. At Master’s, we want our students to not only learn from the past at a high level of proficiency, we also want them to learn from the future. However, how do you learn from the future?